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Get extra 30% off now! Through the test, Dr. Casey recommends 6-10 PCS to keep your hands young forever!

Get extra 30% off now! Through the test, Dr. Casey recommends 6-10 PCS to keep your hands young forever!

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Before we introduce our product, let's look at our happy customers.

Sharon Meredith of age 30 submitted this photo on her journey with Hyaluronic Acid Hand Care Essence after using it for 2 months. Congrats on the success!

"I'm only 30 years old and I don't understand why my hands look like 65 years old.My boyfriend broke up with me because of this problem! I've been sad for a long time! When my friend recommended Hyaluronic Acid Hand Care Essence to me, it changed my life in 10 weeksNow I've found a boyfriend who loves me even more!"   

-Sharon Meredith

Los Angeles, California

"One time when I went to a restaurant, the waiter saw my hands when they couldn't see my face and thought I was an old lady. It's embarrassing for me. I'm only 30 and my hands look like old people's hands with pigmentation and wrinkles. After that, I had to wear gloves to go out. I tried dozens of products and treatments, but none worked better than Hyaluronic Acid Hand Care Essence. I thank you from the bottom of my heart! "

-Julie  Whitehill

Dr. Casey Dickey is a well-known cosmetic dermatologist and related skincare specialist in Ohio. Since 2003 she has been working in medical, cosmetic, and surgical dermatology. She is known for her proficiency in skin health and her approach to creating and maintaining the most natural looking skin using state-of-the-art cosmetic treatments and dermatology techniques.

Dr. Casey Dickey believes in always doing the best for his patients.

With the growth of age, the metabolism of human skin tissue slows down and loses water, so that the water in the epidermis decreases, the subcutaneous fat decreases, the cellulose in the subcutaneous tissue loses nutrition, the subcutaneous tissue shrinks, and the skin loses elasticity. The skin gradually becomes thin and fragile, and the skin is dry and rough.

Dr. Casey Dickey found a rare plant in South Korea that grows on high peaks and contains three ingredients that help solve these problems!  

In her second year, she helped people solve this problem in the form of product Hyaluronic Acid Hand Care Essence.  

Consists of 3 key ingredients

Madecassoside helps promote collagen formation in the dermis and has a firming effect on the skin. Functionally, it can promote blood circulation, prevent pigmentation, and delay skin aging. Vitamin B5 is a penetrating moisturizer with deep moisturizing properties. It penetrates the skin and retains moisture. It can stimulate cell division and proliferation, promote the proliferation of fibroblasts, and help repair skin tissue.

Small molecules of the Hyaluronic Acid Hand Care Essence can penetrate deep into the bottom of the skin and replenish moisture layer by layer; medium molecular hyaluronic acid can replenish moisture inside the skin, nourishing and moisturizing, macromolecular hyaluronic acid forms a water-locking film and protects the barrier.

Carolyn Russ's  7 weeks Hyaluronic Acid Hand Care Essence Results:

"After using the Hyaluronic Acid Hand Serum for a week, the wrinkles and blemishes on my hands were a little less than before, but they were still visible and I decided to stick with it, my goal was to even out skin tone and remove wrinkles. 

After using the Hyaluronic Acid Hand Serum for 3 weeks, there is no doubt that the dark spots and wrinkles on my hands have visibly reduced a lot. It does not irritate my sensitive skin.

After 7 weeks, not only have all my doubts gone completely - my wrinkles and dark spots are gone too! Not only did my hand stay that way, but it actually improved every day until it was as beautiful as it was 10 years ago. All my friends and family have been shocked so far. They can't believe the difference and I can't wait to show them this product! "- Carolyn Russ

"I need to wash my hands frequently because of work, and this habit causes my hands to be very dry and wrinkled. A colleague used this hyaluronic acid hand care serum for me, it is not sticky, absorbs quickly, and has a strong moisturizing effect. I love my experience with this product. So I placed an order, and now I use the hyaluronic acid hand cream every day and massage for two or three minutes. It makes my hands softer and softer. After two months of use, the wrinkles on my hands have also been significantly reduced, and my hands look 20 years younger! "Angela Bailey

What makes Hyaluronic Acid Hand Care Essence special:

  • Good penetration replenishes the lost moisture of the skin.
  • The gentle formula nourishes the skin and improves dry and cracked skin.
  • Hyaluronic acid brightens, effectively detoxifies, and purifies, suitable for all skin types.
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles by 73%
  • Natural ingredients


Its instant filling effect and high absorption capacity make it easier for skin to perceive makeup, even for oily skin. Transparent texture, soft and tender skin feel a touch of easy to push and absorb. Moisturizing hand cream can be used on hands, elbows, and feet.

Suitable for dry skin, oily skin, mixed oil / mixed dry, neutral and other skin types. The purpose is to improve hand skin problems such as fine lines, dark yellow and rough, dry cracks, barbs, calluses and so on.


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